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What to do previously at my tattoo session?

First of all it is very important to know which part of your body you wanna get tattooed, the design and the tattoo artist who is going to tattoo you. I also advise my clients who are going to have longer sessions that do not drink alcohol the night before, that they rest well, eat well before the tattoo and the day before. It is important that the body is in good conditions. For girls, try to avoid get tattooed when you are in your period, because we are in the most sensitive days. The ideal is to come very relaxed.


Does it hurt? where does it hurt more? will it bleed?

The tattoos hurt, of course! But we already know that pain is very subjective. The intensity of the pain will depend on the chosen areas, one of the most painful areas are the inner parts of the body, knee pit and wrinkle areas. There is also the factor of stress, tension, nervousness, etc… all of this will make the tattoo hurt more or less. The tattoos bleed and eject ink only the first and second day.


Will anesthesia be used?

I recommend you to come well rested and relaxed, that is the best anesthesia. I don’t use anesthesia on my clients.


What inks will be used? And the material, is disposable?

The inks that I use are all approved and all material that I use is disposable.


How much does it cost a tattoo?

It will always depend on the size, how much detail it has, area, whether it is with a lot of color or in black and gray. To make bigger pieces normally Im charging 180 euros per hour. For pieces like an A4 paper sheet I charge 750 euros, and we finish the hole project in one session. For pieces like an A5 paper sheet normally cost between 300/500 euros.


How does the deposite and cancellation system work?

In general, when you leave your deposit I start working with you, I prepare your drawing and therefore that deposit is not returned (only in exceptional cases), if you need to change the appointment I always recommend my clients to let me know with a minimum of 24 hours in advance so I have time to put someone in their place and therefore the money would not be lost. The deposits start from 50 euros for medium and small tattoos, and for bigger projects the minimum deposit would be 100 euros. When we work in projects that requiere a large number of sessions, the deposits will stay retained until the last session done, thats when we’re gonna rest the amount of deposit from the session amount.


I have a tattoo that i do not like, can i fix it?

In these cases, I always like to talk in person with my clients, to see in which conditions is the skin and what could really be done. In many cases, old tattoos leave some kind of scars or marks. It is also very important that the new ideas correspond with possible images to cover the old tattoo, not all drawings are suitable for cover up. Also depending on the condition of the skin and darkness of the old tattoo, I would advise to the client a few laser sessions, which would help to lighten the skin and reduce the scars a little.


After having a tattoo can i donate blood?

“La cruz roja” recommends to wait 12 months from the date we get tattooed to rule out any possibility of having contracted Hepatitis. For this institution, having a tattoo is not an impediment to donate blood.


how do i take care of my tattoo?

Leave the bandage between two and three hours before the first cure. With your clean hands wash the tattoo with water and soap (the one you normally use at home) clean it well until there is no black drool. Dry the tattoo with kitchen paper (avoid towels and toilet paper) and then apply a very thin layer of ointment (Bepanthol) spreading well all over the tattooed area. Then you must cover it with film (if you are at home and you do not have pets you can leave it without film for two hours). Use the plastic film for the first three days. The cures must be repeated three times a day and last ten days approximately (depending on the size of the tattoo and how much ink it has). When it starts to heal it tends to itch a lot, I recommend not to scratch it because if it comes out a little scab and you take it off you can take part of the tattoo out.


How long is it going to take to heal?

This will depend on the size of the tattoo, how much filling it has, the area and more causes. Usually it takes 7 to 15 days to heal the superficial wound but this may vary depend on the person. After the first week you will notice a bright layer on your tattoo, that means it is still healing and it will take more or less a month to come back to normal.


Can i do sports?

It is best to wait at least a week, the tattoo should not sweat the first few days.


How long is it going to get until i can sunbathe?

Until it is completely cured it is not recommended that the tattoo is expose to the sun, and once cured it is best to always protect it with sunscreen. The more you take care of your tattoos, the longer they will last pretty.


Do i need to retouch it?

If the tattoo artist and client do their part well, a retouch is not necessary, even though if it is in an area such as hands, fingers, near the bottom of the foot, it is more likely to be erased and to be retattooed. But if is inevitable you have one month to have a retouch. It is not a good idea to do this a lot because the skin has memory and it knows that a wound was there before.

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