A bird tattoo from Mallorca

As we all know we can use our tattoos to tell stories about our lives, to remind us of things that we need to remember, and also from an aesthetic aspect, well we want to look better. 

Ive recently moved to Islas Baleares, Palma de Mallorca. I came here for the first time in 2020 and fell in love with this beautiful island, infinite beaches, turquoise ocean, its culture and much more. Ive seen Mallorca as a great place to start new and keep growing in my style. In Mallorca I got to work with amazing artists and got to know new people that im very excited to work with.

Thats how I got to know this amazing girl, that ive been tattooing for a few times now. One of the things that caught my eye, was that she had a history behind the tattoo she wanted to get done. When we met and she told me about her experience coming to Mallorca and starting her own business, and basically changing her life style completely, starting fresh in this beautiful paradise called Mallorca.

She opened her own business, also started competing on bike competitions, and she is coaching people that want to do that. If you want to check her out click here.In this particular tattoo, She wanted to represent her love for Mallorca with this Hoopoe Tattoo that is a bird species from Africa, Asia and Europe, but it looks like they made home in Mallorca.Theres some information that i found about this very curios bird, one of them is an ancient Greek myth about Tereus, where he takes the bird form in the end. He’s also known for being a fierce fighter.

As I mentioned before in some of my blogs, (click here- another blog) I always thought that getting tattooed is quite a healing process for the soul, so sometimes we just need to get thought it in order to have this accomplished felling and also sometimes we don’t realize what is under the intention, but i got to know her a little bit better and understood a lot about her experience of loss and how she chose to compensate and remind  herself of who she is and that in the end we are stronger then we think.That also makes me realize that we all have been told how to live our lives or how to behave, but also part of the growth is getting to know what you want for yourself and fighting to get it.

I can say im very proud to be part of this process for her and for many other people getting empowered.

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