Woman and Skull


This tattoo is a very especial one for me , as it was the first tattoo that this costumer ever had. He told me his reasons for this tattoo, and i felt very privileged to be the one to do it.  

Skull tattoos can represent many things, reborn, equality, death and more. In this case we tried to make a relation between the death and birth. The woman represents life itself, youth and elegance, and the skull represents the lossless. 

My costumer has told me he had lost someone in his family and that he had been through a very dark moment in his life, but even like that somehow he found a way to overcome this hard situation and take something good out of it. That’s the rebirth, were life takes care of everything and time helps to cure all the wounds. 

I’m  very happy to be part of peoples healing, and to be able to hear and tell their histories, for that I’m forever thankful.

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