Nature as an Inspiration

Nature is where life begins, we are nature and we need nature for everything. Thinking on this matter I came to realise that most of my art ideas, prints tattoos are all related to nature, apart the fact that I really love to be surrounded by nature I always had my best ideas then, this moment of  happiness that I have when I’m in the mountain, on a forest or by the ocean.

Also thinking about this and all the references that I got from ART NOVEAU, and all the artists that I have been following, I realised that we are all interpreting things on different ways, but we are saying the same things. 

Since many years we have learned so much from nature, we made tools from nature and we transformed it to be what we know as society today. But for me is always like I have to go back to it, without it I couldn’t be creative or there’s always something missing. 

So every time I come up with great ideas, is most of the times because I’ve been observing outside, seeing the live painting which we call nature, and learning from it. The freedom I feel is the freedom I want to pass on my tattoos, to have the true representation of life itself. 

With the artists from the Art NOVEAU for example, we can observe that nature is always present. If you want to know more about ART NOVEAU click here.

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