Art Noveau – The art of the modern life


The future has already began

The movement of the modern arts started around the 1980, after the industrial revolution. It started with the idea that everyone should have access to art, almost like a democratisation of  beauty, meaning that it should be everywhere and accessible to whom appreciated it. 

“The art of the modern life”, came as a reaction to the other styles that were dominant, realistic and impressionist, trying to break through with the idea that “the future has already began”.

This style was not very welcome back in the days, it was received as degenerate, because of the sensuality and flamboyance of this ideal. 

It was mostly inspired on nature, sometimes with human figures or plants, always represented with very soft edges. 

The First World War gave an end to this beautiful style. When the war was over the priorities and motives changed, substituted by more rational styles as Art Deco and Bauhaus. 

Now thinking about that how did I end up doing this style?

I started with this two years ago, and I have always had a great interest for the Art Noveau, I also believe on the ideal of the Modern art, “The rupture of the past and the stake to future”. The names of Gustav Klimt, Alexandre Riquer, Victor Horta, Henri de Toulouse – Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha , and many others, have followed me thru this new research about myself and the style that I want to do.

The challenge for me was how to make the stories of my costumers became a piece of art and also make it in a way that I’m a hundred percent sure that it’s going to stay for many years on the skin, just like the first day it was tattooed.

Im still very inspired for this movement and I’m still very open to learn from my colleagues and costumers. 

I think that we’re always telling stories, the past that made who we are, the person we are right now and the people we want to become. This tattoos have helped me to understand myself better and provide not only the aesthetic aspect, but also an experience that we’re going to remember forever. 

I’m happy to be part of peoples histories, to know them better and to tell their histories on their skin, through my style. 

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