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I made this section to share some of my ideas based on Art nouveau style, and some of them ended up being awesome body art pieces that I would love to tattoo.This drawings are waiting to become alive on someone’s  skin also someone that identify themselves with the style and the meanings that each one of them could have. 

As you all know I’m in love with the Art Nouveau concept, and I have been trying to bring this ideas or ideals to my tattoos. For the last two years I’ve started to read more and get more interested about this wonderful style. One of the things I’ve been doing a lot is to work from real pictures, so I can  capture the lights and shadows on a more realistic way, which makes my drawings a bit more interesting, when I compose it with the other elements. 

All the traveling Ive been doing also helps me to get a better open idea of different references and perspectives. Ive been visiting Austria and Germany a lot lately, working in two places called Schwatz and Wiesbaden, and I came to find a lot of inspiration on the buildings around, the architecture from the Jugendstil, is one of the best references for me right now.

The nature is also very important for me, observing it is just as important as drawing up. I’m trying to always go out with my Sckech book to captivate the moments, live drawing elements that are important for my compositions. Also being in nature helps me to find the peace of mind, to see the ideas more clearly and get to do some cool designs. 

Now talking about this style as a tattoo technique, we can describe it as neotraditional style, which is the modern representation of the old school. The Neotrad is the tattoo style I found that fits the best to what I wanted to do, because it still has the outlines, and they play a very important roll on the final result of the tattooing. As Im working on the skin, which is a live surface,  I feel that as a tattoo artist I need to guarantee that this tattoos are staying forever on the skin as the first day it was done. The Neotraditional also have this realistic touch on the filling, which makes the drawings pop up a lot more and also give the figures more depth. 

So basically I try to put this important and unique Art Nouveau elements together when I do my compositions. But its also very important for me to know the ideas from my costumers, their stories  and what they want to represent, therefor is so essential that we have time to chat and meet in person, even if sometimes, I can’t meet in person because of the distances, but thanks to technology we can always make a video call. This is one of the most important processes for me,  because if there are no real connections then its harder to get to a final drawing that both are going to like. If you have ideas or curiosity you can send me an email telling me all about it, and I would guide you from there.  

I’m looking forward to keeping you all updated about my creative processes and also about my style. 

If you want to know more about the Art Nouveau, the Jugendstil, Modern style, you can check this out.

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